Friday, March 27, 2015

The Oi! Show - 3/27/15

Sometimes called street punk, sometimes called a sling blade, Oi! approached the punk ideology and core values more literally than many of its sub-genre contemporaries. While the Oi! scene has endured a lot of public misperception and the generally limited interest in punk rock, it has continued to stay strong and tightly knit throughout the years. Plenty of original bands still play and plenty of new ones continue to form. In fact, I really came nowhere close to capturing the entirety of the Oi! sound. I just tried to represent some of the classics and some of what I personally happen to like.

Feel free to capture what I captured by clicking on the link below and downloading my show:

The Oi! Show - 3/27/15


1.) If the Kids Are United - Sham 69
2.) Argy Bargy - Cock Sparrer
3.) Oi! Oi! Oi! - Cockney Rejects
4.) Last Night Another Soldier - Angelic Upstarts
5.) One Law For Them - 4-Skins
6.) Product - The Business
7.) Done Some Brain Cells Last Night - The Blood
8.) Kids of the 80s - Infa-Riot
9.) Resort Boot Boys - Last Resort
10.) Gang Warfare - The Strike
11.) Poseur - Combat 84
12.) 17 Years of Hell - The Partisans
13.) Pathetique - Splodgenessabounds
14.) Do You Want To Be Like Dougy Bell? - The Toy Dolls
15.) Up Yer Bum - Peter and the Test Tube Babies
16.) Jobs Not Jails - The Gonads
17.) Where Have All the Bootboys Gone? - Slaughter and the Dogs
18.) We Are the Boys - Blitz
19.) Oi Ain't Dead - Condemned 84
20.) Friday Night - the Burial
21.) White Flag - the Oppressed
22.) Oi Don't Pay the Bills - Broken Heroes
23.) England 5, Germany 1 - The Business
24.) Join the Rejects - Cockney Rejects

Friday, March 13, 2015

The UK Punk Explosion - 3/13/15

I guess I could have called it "UK Punk Scene" or "UK Punk Movement" but sometimes things (and people) just explode. And if any music scene exploded, it probably would have been that initial wave of punk bands over in the UK during the mid-70s. Great Britain was by not so great anymore, young people were pissed, and rock 'n' roll was no longer the voice of social change and revolution. Then came the Sex Pistols and shortly thereafter, explosion. Fashion, culture, music, art as we know it - none of these things would ever be the same again.

To listen to this explosion relatively damage-free, click on the link below:



1.) New Rose - The Damned
2.) Cranked Up Really High - Slaughter and the Dogs
3.) Anarchy in the UK - The Sex Pistols
4.) Career Opportunities - The Clash
5.) Fast Cars - The Buzzcocks
6.) Love Story - The Lurkers
7.) London Girls - The Vibrators
8.) Don't Dictate - Penetration
9.) Love in a Void -Siouxsie and the Banshees
10.) I'm a Cliche - X-Ray Spex
11.) Bored Teenagers (Live) - The Adverts
12.) Vvdfsddfs (Peel Session version) - the Slits
13.) (Get a) Grip (On Yourself) - The Stranglers
14.) I Got By In Time - The Jam
15.) Ex-Lion Tamer -Wire
16.) High Rise Living - Chelsea
17.) Day By Day - Generation X
18.) Looking Out For Number 1 - The Boomtown Rats
19.) Young Girls - Rich Kids
20.) I'm Alive - 999
21.) Bone Idol - The Drones
22.) Babylon's Burning - The Ruts
23.) 78 RPM - Stiff Little Fingers