Friday, May 8, 2015

Old Bands, New Albums - 5/8/15

It usually doesn't bode well when a band or artist, long past their prime, decides to come back and try to recapture some of that former glory from their respective heyday. But post punk was always ahead of its time so when the world finally caught up, many a PP veteran found they still had something meaningful to contribute. Tonight's show was centered around those veteran, classic bands, all of whom released new albums in past 5 years or so and featuring tracks from said new albums.

Tracks that for the most part, were all pleasant surprises to me. Genuinely good songs from people who I didn't think still had it in them. A pleasantly surprising amount of people too. So many congratulations to them and congratulations to you as well if you are able follow this link and successfully play/download the show.



1.) New Babies, New Toys - OMD
2.) Second Life - Gang of 4
3.) Adore Your Island - Wire
4.) Holy Dotage - Magazine
5.) Something is Squeezing My Skull - Morrissey
6.) Soothe My Soul - Depeche Mode
7.) Electric Shock - Human League
8.) Love Hurt Bleed - Gary Numan
9.) She's Electric - Visage
10.) Girl Panic -Duran Duran
11.) March On - Devo
12.) What You Heard - Blondie
13.) Animal - Berlin
14.) #1 Boy - The Rezillos
15.) It's Okay - Modern English
16.) Sad Song - The Cars
17.) Star Machine -Bob Mould
18.) Job - Iggy and the Stooges
19.) Valentine's Day - David Bowie
20.) Daddy's Car - Eno and Hyde
21.) 15 Steps - The Stranglers
22.) Colony Collapse - Killing Joke
23.) Eliza - Peter Murphy
24.) Black Stone Heart - Bauhaus
25.) Terra Gate - Public Image Ltd.
26.) Bullshit - Adam Ant
25.) Singularity- New Order
26.) Market Town - Echo and the Bunnymen
27.) Evil - Grinderman
28.) Upstarts - Johnny Marr
29.) Not in Love - Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith