Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Post Punk World Tour - Part 1 - The Islands - 7/30/13

I figured with Summer just around the corner (a couple months ago, it was), it might be nice to take a little vacation.  But since I generally hate actually going anywhere, this vacation would exist in the form of my beloved post punk music, focusing on some of the various exotic locales whose own music and culture would influence my own.

The first stop on this journey was to the islands.  What islands are these, exactly?  Hell if I know.  Anywhere with sandy beaches and palm trees and monkey butlers will do just fine.  And lush jungles  work too.  The sounds of these places would have a very significant impact on post punk and this show was all about that.  Feel free to metaphorically join me on this metaphoric trip, not by air or by sea, but by whatever we call internet travel now.  Just click on the link below:

Post Punk World Tour - Part 1 - The Islands

Friday, July 19, 2013

A Tribute to Bernard Sumner - 7/20/13

Then man who co-founded Joy Division, helped them go electronic, fronted New Order, brought post punk into the dance clubs, formed the first alternative supergroup, and has managed to make consistently good, unique, distinct music for over 35 years now.  If there were a Hall of Fame for this genre, he would be the first inductee.  And hopefully it wouldn't suck like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame does.  Actually, I don't know for a fact that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame sucks.  I don't know anything about it really but my gut tells me it kind of sucks for some reason.  No idea why.

Anyway, I thought Bernard Sumner deserved some serious accolades for his many achievements and for just being underrated in my book. But he's definitely not underrated on my show and tonight's episode served as a tribute to his body of work.  I didn't mean it as any kind of dis to his band mates or any of the talented producers he's worked with or anything. I just thought he deserved special mention.

For all of this special mention and plenty of great, great songs, follow the link below to download the episode:

A Tribute to Bernard Sumner

Saturday, July 13, 2013

RERUN! - Classic Episode of PP4PP - Virgin Records Show - (Originally Broadcast 6/29/09)

Since I've been featuring some of the key independent labels of post punk lately, why not flash back to a "classic" episode of Post Punk For Post Punks, from back in the Pirate Cat Radio days, which covered an indie label who, largely through the magic of punk and post punk music, built itself into a major?

And since I can't think of any reasons why not, I'm going to go ahead and re-post that show.  It was dedicated to Virgin Records and you can download it by following the link below.  I'll be back next week with something brand new.

Virgin Records (original Pirate Cat Radio broadcast - 6/09)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Slash Records - 7/4/13

Since it's a holiday week over here, I figured I would post this episode a little early.  And since this episode was dedicated to Slash Records, it feels prudent that I should post it on the 4th of July as no other post punk indie label represented the sound of America quite like Slash.  What started as a fanzine covering the LA punk scene quickly turned into a trailblazing label whose artists would provide the pivotal link between punk and the American alternative sound of the 1980s.

I've said this before in podcasts and I will say it again in print - the beautiful thing about indies like Slash and the others I've featured recently on this show is that they truly change the world in a way that majors can't.  Not that major labels aren't extremely important too, it's just that for them, artists, scenes, and styles come and go.  They're never completely attached to one thing and generally want a diversified roster, representing different genres.  That's not necessarily bad either, it's essential to their survival, it's just that in terms of the music, major labels don't stand for anything.  It's the smaller, indie labels that really help establish new, outside music movements, bringing them up from the underground.

It's been a lot of fun for me to cover some of them these last few weeks and hopefully, they're fun to listen to.  Or at the very least, just fun to download.  To do just that, follow the link below and hit the corresponding download button:

Slash Records