Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Post Punk World Tour - Part 1 - The Islands - 7/30/13

I figured with Summer just around the corner (a couple months ago, it was), it might be nice to take a little vacation.  But since I generally hate actually going anywhere, this vacation would exist in the form of my beloved post punk music, focusing on some of the various exotic locales whose own music and culture would influence my own.

The first stop on this journey was to the islands.  What islands are these, exactly?  Hell if I know.  Anywhere with sandy beaches and palm trees and monkey butlers will do just fine.  And lush jungles  work too.  The sounds of these places would have a very significant impact on post punk and this show was all about that.  Feel free to metaphorically join me on this metaphoric trip, not by air or by sea, but by whatever we call internet travel now.  Just click on the link below:

Post Punk World Tour - Part 1 - The Islands

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