Friday, May 8, 2015

Old Bands, New Albums - 5/8/15

It usually doesn't bode well when a band or artist, long past their prime, decides to come back and try to recapture some of that former glory from their respective heyday. But post punk was always ahead of its time so when the world finally caught up, many a PP veteran found they still had something meaningful to contribute. Tonight's show was centered around those veteran, classic bands, all of whom released new albums in past 5 years or so and featuring tracks from said new albums.

Tracks that for the most part, were all pleasant surprises to me. Genuinely good songs from people who I didn't think still had it in them. A pleasantly surprising amount of people too. So many congratulations to them and congratulations to you as well if you are able follow this link and successfully play/download the show.



1.) New Babies, New Toys - OMD
2.) Second Life - Gang of 4
3.) Adore Your Island - Wire
4.) Holy Dotage - Magazine
5.) Something is Squeezing My Skull - Morrissey
6.) Soothe My Soul - Depeche Mode
7.) Electric Shock - Human League
8.) Love Hurt Bleed - Gary Numan
9.) She's Electric - Visage
10.) Girl Panic -Duran Duran
11.) March On - Devo
12.) What You Heard - Blondie
13.) Animal - Berlin
14.) #1 Boy - The Rezillos
15.) It's Okay - Modern English
16.) Sad Song - The Cars
17.) Star Machine -Bob Mould
18.) Job - Iggy and the Stooges
19.) Valentine's Day - David Bowie
20.) Daddy's Car - Eno and Hyde
21.) 15 Steps - The Stranglers
22.) Colony Collapse - Killing Joke
23.) Eliza - Peter Murphy
24.) Black Stone Heart - Bauhaus
25.) Terra Gate - Public Image Ltd.
26.) Bullshit - Adam Ant
25.) Singularity- New Order
26.) Market Town - Echo and the Bunnymen
27.) Evil - Grinderman
28.) Upstarts - Johnny Marr
29.) Not in Love - Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Psychedelic Sounds of Post Punk - 4/24/15

Despite the completely understandable desire to rebel against 60s counterculture, psychedelic music still had a major effect on post punk and influenced many of your favorite such bands, though perhaps surprisingly, not so much the Psychedelic Furs. Several sub-genres (Paisley Underground, Shoegaze, Madchester) even splintered off  and embraced the psychedelic sounds of old while other factions simply took the ideals of psychedelia and placed them in a post punk context.

And I for one am glad they did because no matter what preconceived notions one may have about psychedelic music, I think it's hard to deny that it makes the world a more magical place. You know what else is magic? The internet. Like the fact that you can just click on this link below and download the whole show:



1.) Mr. Alphabet Says - The Glove
2.) If Only Tonight We Could Sleep - The Cure
3.) The Light - Love and Rockets
4.) You Trip Me Up - Jesus and Mary Chain
5.) Only Shallow - My Bloody Valentine
6.) Thoughtforms - Lush
7.) Athol Brose - Cocteau Twins
8.) I Look Around - Rain Parade
9.) Desert sfdfkd - Thin White Rope
10.) Halloween - The Dream Syndicate
11.) Surfin' Bird - The Cramps
12.) Ring of Fire - Wall of Voodoo
13.) Cheree - Suicide
14.) Lesson One - Alien Sex Fiend
15.) White Rabbit - The Damned
16.) 2000 Light Years From Home - Danse Society
17.) Paint It Black - Echo and the Bunnymen
18.) Sisters - The Church
19.) Satin Doll - The Chills
20.) Summer's Cauldron - XTC
21.) dfjkjdfkd - Dukes of the Stratosphear
22.) Sowing the Seeds of Love - Tears For Fears
23.) Elephant Stone -The Stone Roses
24.) dfkdkifdk - The Charlatans UK
25.) Dawn Chorus - Modern English
26.) Social Fools - Devo
27.) Dear Prudence - Siouxsie and the Banshees
***Okay, fine. I will throw in the Psychedelic Furs***
28.)  Sister Europe - Psychedelic Furs

Friday, April 10, 2015

Siouxsie and the Banshees' Album, "Kaleidoscope" - 4/10/15

A turning point for both Siouxsie and the Banshees as well as yours truly. With still very little relative musical experience, the punk scene from which they came long since gone, lacking any established creative road map to follow, and half the band having just quit, Siouxsie Sioux and Steve Severin crafted an album unlike anything ever made before or since.

It is most likely my favorite LP of all time and I decided to dedicate a show entirely to my love for it, chronicling how the band managed to get there and where they went afterwards. I don't know if I did the best job explaining how this music makes me feel but I suppose that is kind of the beauty of Kaleidoscope. It just invokes something within me that goes beyond my ability to express. Think that sounds cheesy? Well just wait until you hear me talk about alien desert planets and you can do that, simply by clicking on this link below:




1.) Bad Shape
2.) Hong Kong Garden
3.) Switch
4.) Poppy Day


5.) Happy House
6.) Tenant
7.) Trophy
8.) Clockface
9.) Lunar Camel
10.) Christine
11.) Desert Kisses
12.) Red Light
13.) Paradise Place
14.) Skin


15.) Arabian Knights
16.) Spellbound
17.) Ornaments of Gold

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Oi! Show - 3/27/15

Sometimes called street punk, sometimes called a sling blade, Oi! approached the punk ideology and core values more literally than many of its sub-genre contemporaries. While the Oi! scene has endured a lot of public misperception and the generally limited interest in punk rock, it has continued to stay strong and tightly knit throughout the years. Plenty of original bands still play and plenty of new ones continue to form. In fact, I really came nowhere close to capturing the entirety of the Oi! sound. I just tried to represent some of the classics and some of what I personally happen to like.

Feel free to capture what I captured by clicking on the link below and downloading my show:

The Oi! Show - 3/27/15


1.) If the Kids Are United - Sham 69
2.) Argy Bargy - Cock Sparrer
3.) Oi! Oi! Oi! - Cockney Rejects
4.) Last Night Another Soldier - Angelic Upstarts
5.) One Law For Them - 4-Skins
6.) Product - The Business
7.) Done Some Brain Cells Last Night - The Blood
8.) Kids of the 80s - Infa-Riot
9.) Resort Boot Boys - Last Resort
10.) Gang Warfare - The Strike
11.) Poseur - Combat 84
12.) 17 Years of Hell - The Partisans
13.) Pathetique - Splodgenessabounds
14.) Do You Want To Be Like Dougy Bell? - The Toy Dolls
15.) Up Yer Bum - Peter and the Test Tube Babies
16.) Jobs Not Jails - The Gonads
17.) Where Have All the Bootboys Gone? - Slaughter and the Dogs
18.) We Are the Boys - Blitz
19.) Oi Ain't Dead - Condemned 84
20.) Friday Night - the Burial
21.) White Flag - the Oppressed
22.) Oi Don't Pay the Bills - Broken Heroes
23.) England 5, Germany 1 - The Business
24.) Join the Rejects - Cockney Rejects

Friday, March 13, 2015

The UK Punk Explosion - 3/13/15

I guess I could have called it "UK Punk Scene" or "UK Punk Movement" but sometimes things (and people) just explode. And if any music scene exploded, it probably would have been that initial wave of punk bands over in the UK during the mid-70s. Great Britain was by not so great anymore, young people were pissed, and rock 'n' roll was no longer the voice of social change and revolution. Then came the Sex Pistols and shortly thereafter, explosion. Fashion, culture, music, art as we know it - none of these things would ever be the same again.

To listen to this explosion relatively damage-free, click on the link below:



1.) New Rose - The Damned
2.) Cranked Up Really High - Slaughter and the Dogs
3.) Anarchy in the UK - The Sex Pistols
4.) Career Opportunities - The Clash
5.) Fast Cars - The Buzzcocks
6.) Love Story - The Lurkers
7.) London Girls - The Vibrators
8.) Don't Dictate - Penetration
9.) Love in a Void -Siouxsie and the Banshees
10.) I'm a Cliche - X-Ray Spex
11.) Bored Teenagers (Live) - The Adverts
12.) Vvdfsddfs (Peel Session version) - the Slits
13.) (Get a) Grip (On Yourself) - The Stranglers
14.) I Got By In Time - The Jam
15.) Ex-Lion Tamer -Wire
16.) High Rise Living - Chelsea
17.) Day By Day - Generation X
18.) Looking Out For Number 1 - The Boomtown Rats
19.) Young Girls - Rich Kids
20.) I'm Alive - 999
21.) Bone Idol - The Drones
22.) Babylon's Burning - The Ruts
23.) 78 RPM - Stiff Little Fingers

Friday, February 27, 2015

Pub Rock - 2/27/15

Pubs give us plenty of good things - alcohol, sports on the television, a place to go and sit for awhile, sometimes food - and in the early 70s, pubs around London gave us an extremely short-lived, small-but-influential music scene, which was very much a precursor to the punk movement that would immediately follow. Plenty of future punks and post punks got their start in this little scene and some of the music was pretty good too.

I'd say that's a win all-around for everyone. And I figured the least I could do is dedicate a show to the music and the pubs I owe so much to. Feel free to join me on this crawl by clicking on the link below:

PUB ROCK - 2_27_15


1.) Surrender to the Rhythm - Brinsley Schwarz
2.) Here Comes the Night - Ducks Deluxe
3.) She Does It Right - Dr. Feelgood
4.) Quit this Town - Eddie and the Hotrods
5.) Twenty Tiny Fingers - Kilburn and the High Roads
6.) Baseball Heroes - Flip City
7.) Hold Back the Night - Graham Parker and the Rumour
8.) Keys To Your Heart - The 101ers
9.) Tomorrow Was the Hereafter- The Stranglers
10.) Waiting - The Doctors of Madness
11.) Doctor - Fabulous Poodles
12.) Little Girls Know - Riff Raff
13.) Dancing the Night Away - The Motors
14.) Can We Go Dancing? - The Amber Squad
15.) Heart of the City - Nick Lowe
16.) Local Girls - Graham Parker
17.) Red Hot (My Girl is Red Hot) - Bees Make Honey
***BONUS TRACK*** 18.) We Vibrate - The Vibrators

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Theatre! - 2/13/15

While normally I hate it when someone spells theater as "theatre", I think it kind of applies in this case. Because tonight's episode was all about being over-the-top, dramatic, cinematic, and even pretentious. Like something you would see/hear in the theater from people who call it the "theatre".

But instead of that being annoying, it's actually kind of awesome. One of the many things I love about post punk is that there is often a such a high level of artistic commitment. People aren't necessarily trying to hang back and be cool, they go all-in, unafraid to look silly even when they do in fact look quite silly. And that quality very much applies to creating music with a sense of theater. If you want to listen to some of my nominees for Best Theatrical Post Punk Music, click on the link below:

THE THEATRE! - 2/13/15


1.) Spirit - Bauhaus
2.) Red Right Hand - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
3.) This Corrosion - Sisters of Mercy
4.) Overground (The Thorn version) - Siouxsie & the Banshees
5.) History of the World Pt. 1 - The Damned
6.) Vienna - Ultravox
7.) Visions of Blue - Ultravox
8.) Dressed in Black - Depeche Mode
9.) The Look Of Love - ABC
10.) Gold - Spandau Ballet
11.) Riot - Dead Kennedys
12.) Down in the Sewer - The Stranglers
13.) Motorcade - Magazine
14.) Man Overboard - Blondie
15.) Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant
16.) Nicotina - Sparks
17.) Entertain Me - Soft Cell
18.) A Million Manias - Marc & the Mambas
19.) Arms of Cicero - Sex Gang Children
20.) Swamp Thing - The Chameleons
21.) A Few Hours After This - The Cure
22.) This Vicious Cabaret - V is for Vendetta
23.) Who Killed Mr. Moonlight? - Bauhaus