Friday, February 27, 2015

Pub Rock - 2/27/15

Pubs give us plenty of good things - alcohol, sports on the television, a place to go and sit for awhile, sometimes food - and in the early 70s, pubs around London gave us an extremely short-lived, small-but-influential music scene, which was very much a precursor to the punk movement that would immediately follow. Plenty of future punks and post punks got their start in this little scene and some of the music was pretty good too.

I'd say that's a win all-around for everyone. And I figured the least I could do is dedicate a show to the music and the pubs I owe so much to. Feel free to join me on this crawl by clicking on the link below:

PUB ROCK - 2_27_15


1.) Surrender to the Rhythm - Brinsley Schwarz
2.) Here Comes the Night - Ducks Deluxe
3.) She Does It Right - Dr. Feelgood
4.) Quit this Town - Eddie and the Hotrods
5.) Twenty Tiny Fingers - Kilburn and the High Roads
6.) Baseball Heroes - Flip City
7.) Hold Back the Night - Graham Parker and the Rumour
8.) Keys To Your Heart - The 101ers
9.) Tomorrow Was the Hereafter- The Stranglers
10.) Waiting - The Doctors of Madness
11.) Doctor - Fabulous Poodles
12.) Little Girls Know - Riff Raff
13.) Dancing the Night Away - The Motors
14.) Can We Go Dancing? - The Amber Squad
15.) Heart of the City - Nick Lowe
16.) Local Girls - Graham Parker
17.) Red Hot (My Girl is Red Hot) - Bees Make Honey
***BONUS TRACK*** 18.) We Vibrate - The Vibrators

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