Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spooooky Song Show - 10/27/08

Just in time for Halloween and 6 months after Administrative Professionals Day, PPFP delivers a show of songs that may be a little bit frightening, if songs can be frightening. To find out for sure and increase overall awareness, download this link below and download it good.

Spooooky Song Show

Note the tracklist below

Departure - Bauhaus
Burning Skies - Tones on Tail
Lady Shave - Fad Gadget
Mother/Oh Mein Papa - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Overture (excerpt) - Christian Death
Spiritual Cramp - Christian Death
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
The Holy Hour - The Cure
Martin - Soft Cell
Circus of Dr. Lao - The Future
Clown - Switchblade Symphony
Simple Addictions - Screams For Tina
***Guilty Pleasure - It's back!*** Claire's Horrors - London After Midnight
Memphisto (excerpt) - Depeche Mode
Always Now - Section 25
I Am Misery - Samhain
(excerpt from the film, "The Shining") - Scatman Crothers
Red Right Hand - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Blundertown - The Birthday Party
Children Write On Missiles - Scarlet's Remains
Holy Hell - Shadow Project
Dead and Buried - Alien Sex Fiend
Hollow Hills - Bauhaus

****New Songs Off Of New Song Playlist****

(N) Professional Eyes - Stripmail Seizures - The Secret To Financial Freedom
(N) Impending Zombie Apocalypse - Git Some - Cosmic Rock
(N) Free Money - Stripmail Seizures - The Secret To Financial Freedom

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ska (and its influence on post-punk) Show - 10/20/08

All from the 2-Tone ska movement. A movement that was all about racial harmony and dancing so if that's not appealing to you, well, as a very wise man once said, you might be a redneck.

Download the show from this link below. If that doesn't make sense then....you also might be a redneck. This Jeff Foxworthy schtick doing anything for you?

Ska And Its Influence On Post-Punk Show

Here come those songs:

One Step Beyond - Madness
Nite Klub - The Specials
Barnyard Connection - Fun Boy 3
Happy Families - The Piranhas
Lip Up Fatty/Ne Ne Ne Na Na Na Nu Nu - Bad Manners
Pretty Boys - Joe Jackson
Man in a Suitcase - The Police
Harborcoat - REM
Violent Love - Oingo Boingo
Elvis Should Play Ska - Graduate
Too Much Pressure - The Selector
Ruder Than You - The Bodysnatchers
Ranking Full Stop - English Beat
Free Nelson Mandela - Special AKA
Braggin and Trying Not To Lie - Roddy Radiation
Product Perfect - Fashion
Meccanic Dancing (Oh We Go!) - XTC
The General - Untouchables
Tropical Bird - Untouchables
Rudie Can't Fail - The Clash
Away - Swingin' Cats
Sea Cruise - Rico
Monkey Man - The Specials
Party At Ground Zero - Fishbone
Talk Is Cheap - The Toasters

***New Stuff Off Of New Stuff Playlist***

(N) Siki Siki Baba - Kocani Orkestra - off of the album "Electric Gypsyland"
(N) Borstal Boys - Ol' Cheeky Bastard - off of the album "Bag of Tricks"
(N) Neascu In Africa - Shrine Synchro System vs. Taraf de Haidouts - off of the album "Electric Gypsyland"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bass Guitar Show - 10/13/08

That's right, the great bass players and bass lines of post-punk and in one case, old school rap. The download and subsequent happiness is only a carriage return away.

Bass Guitar Show

And this is what you will hear:

At Home He's A Tourist - Gang of 4 (Dave Allen)
Other Voices - The Cure (Simon Gallup)
Shoot You Down - APB (Iain Slater)
Hypnotic Love Affair - APB (Iain Slater)
Twist and Crawl - English Beat (David Steele)
White Palms - BRMC (Robert Levon Been)
Alice - The Sisters of Mercy (Craig Adams)
The Magnificent Seven - The Clash (Paul Simonon)
Red, Green, and Gold - Fashion (Mulligan)
The National Anthem - Radiohead (Colin Greenwood)
Hungry So Angry - Medium Medium (Alan Turton)
7th Time - Clan of Xymox (Anka Wolbert)
Visions of China - Japan (Mick Karn)
Golly Golly Go Buddy! - Bow Wow Wow (Leigh Gorman)
Disorder - Joy Division (Peter Hook)
Blood and Roses - The Smithereens (Mark Mesasros)
Straighten Out - The Stranglers (Jean Jacques Burnel)
Steam - The March Violets (Laurence Elliot)
Danced (Live) - Toyah Wilcox (Mark Henry)
Tenant - Siouxsie and the Banshees (Steve Severin)
Another One Bites the Dust - Queen (John Deacon)
White Lines (Don't Do It) - Grandmaster Flash and Mellie Mel (original bass line by Richard McGuire)

***New Music Off Of New Music Playlist***

(N) Glue Your Eyelids Together - ADULT. - Anxiety Always
(N) Courtship Dating - Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles

Monday, October 13, 2008

Guitar Heroes of Post-Punk - 10/6/08

The guitar has many names. The axe. The git box. Well that's really it. Great, distinct, creative, innovative, interesting guitarists have many more names and on this night they finally got their comeupance. Comeupance can be postive!

Download it while it's hot from this internet location:

Guitar Heroes of Post-Punk Show

Still Ill - The Smiths (Johnny Marr)
In the Flat Field - Bauhaus (Daniel Ash)
Not From Where I'm Standing - The Wedding Present (Peter Solowka)
God Forbid - Wild Swans (Jeremy Kelley)
Circus Games - Skids (Stuart Adamson)
Guns Before Butter - Gang of 4 (Andy Gill)
Noise Annoys - Buzzcocks (Steve Diggle)
Up the Down Escalator - The Chameleons (Reg Smithies and Dave Fielding)
Gloria - U2 (David "The Ledge" Evans)
Colony - Joy Division (Bernard Sumner)
Pretty Persuasion - REM (Peter Buck)
I'm Amazed - Pixies (Joey Santiago)
Push - The Cure (Robert Smith and Porl Thompson)
Marquee Moon - Television (Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd)
News of the World - The Jam (Paul Weller)
Heaven Up Here - Echo & the Bunnymen (Will Sergeant)
Fatman - Southern Death Cult (David Burrows)
She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult (Billy Duffy)
Into the Light - Siouxsie & the Banshees (John McGeogh)
Friendcatcher - The Birthday Party (Rowland Howard)
Because You're Frightened - Magazine (John McGeogh)
Harvest Home - Big Country (Stuart Adamson)

***New Music Off Of New Music Playlist***
(N) A Crack in the Mask - The Class War - off the album "A Crack in the Mask"
(N) Cocaine - The Compulsions - off the album "Demon Love"