Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ska (and its influence on post-punk) Show - 10/20/08

All from the 2-Tone ska movement. A movement that was all about racial harmony and dancing so if that's not appealing to you, well, as a very wise man once said, you might be a redneck.

Download the show from this link below. If that doesn't make sense then....you also might be a redneck. This Jeff Foxworthy schtick doing anything for you?

Ska And Its Influence On Post-Punk Show

Here come those songs:

One Step Beyond - Madness
Nite Klub - The Specials
Barnyard Connection - Fun Boy 3
Happy Families - The Piranhas
Lip Up Fatty/Ne Ne Ne Na Na Na Nu Nu - Bad Manners
Pretty Boys - Joe Jackson
Man in a Suitcase - The Police
Harborcoat - REM
Violent Love - Oingo Boingo
Elvis Should Play Ska - Graduate
Too Much Pressure - The Selector
Ruder Than You - The Bodysnatchers
Ranking Full Stop - English Beat
Free Nelson Mandela - Special AKA
Braggin and Trying Not To Lie - Roddy Radiation
Product Perfect - Fashion
Meccanic Dancing (Oh We Go!) - XTC
The General - Untouchables
Tropical Bird - Untouchables
Rudie Can't Fail - The Clash
Away - Swingin' Cats
Sea Cruise - Rico
Monkey Man - The Specials
Party At Ground Zero - Fishbone
Talk Is Cheap - The Toasters

***New Stuff Off Of New Stuff Playlist***

(N) Siki Siki Baba - Kocani Orkestra - off of the album "Electric Gypsyland"
(N) Borstal Boys - Ol' Cheeky Bastard - off of the album "Bag of Tricks"
(N) Neascu In Africa - Shrine Synchro System vs. Taraf de Haidouts - off of the album "Electric Gypsyland"

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Alex, I'm so glad to see your back. You are my musical guru.