Monday, August 26, 2013

Obscure Australia - 8/26/13

Australia is a country, continent, island, and vastly underrated producer of vastly underrated post punk music.  It's possible that Australia may be technically too large to be considered an island but the rest of what I said still applies.  And tonight's show focused on the post punk music aspect of that statement.

In fact, to better illustrate my point, I didn't play bands like the Church, the Birthday Party, the Go-Betweens, Icehouse, INXS, or Midnight Oil.  I didn't even play the Hoodoo fucking Gurus for God's sake!

Instead, I focused purely on the lesser known punk, post punk, and new wave bands to come from Australia and avoided all the ones most of us know about over here.  Have I lost my mind?  Absolutely not!  While it's always nice to hear from some of those folks I mentioned above, you will hardly miss them while listening to the likes of Whirlywirld, The Boys Next Door, the Ears, the Riptides, The Scientists, Jimmy and the Boys, Models, the Fabulous Marquises, and so many more! 

And what kind of place is there where punk evolved independently, at the exact same time or even before some of the much more high profile scenes in New York, London, and Los Angeles?  It’s almost like an alternate universe down there.  A Down Underverse.  This is what I explored on tonight's episode.  Normally, you'd need about 18 of the fastest ships and a Stargate to go to Australia but now you can just click on my link below and be there in minutes.  And feel free to bring along all the flora and fauna you like.

Obscure Australia - 8/26/13

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Post Punk World Tour - Part 4 - The Orient

On this final leg of our journey, I figured I would stop off in the Far East and check out its impact on post punk and new wave music.  While that impact is once again, not crazy huge, I still continue to be impressed with the amount of diverse influences our diverse genre draws from.  And yet despite all that, it still has its own very distinct character.  It's not just some eclectic mess.

Hear it for yourself by following the link below:

Post Punk World Tour Part 4 - The Orient

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Post Punk World Tour - Part 3 - The Middle East

Yes, the Middle East.  Cradle of life. Epicenter for some of the world's major religions. And hotbed of post punk influence?  Well, maybe not really. Although I'm not totally sure what a "hotbed" is exactly. I can say that some of the traditional Middle Eastern sound did make its way into the some of the post punk music you know and love. Sometimes subtly, sometimes not so subtly, and almost always good.

Tonight's show was a hotbed of recognition for the influences of the Middle East as our world tour continued to....the Middle East. Your ears are welcome to come along on this journey but will require your fingers to click on the link below:

Post Punk World Tour - Part 3 - The Middle East

Monday, August 5, 2013

Post Punk World Tour - Part 2 - Spain and Latin America - 8/5/13

For our next stop on this world tour, I explored the Latin effect and influence on post punk music.  Was it a particularly huge effect?  No but once again, it continues to amaze and impress me how many different styles post punk has borrowed from.  I guess technically, they didn't "borrow" from those styles because they never necessarily gave it back.  Although they did give us some great music so maybe it's more like a pay-it-forward kind of thing.

And you can feel free to borrow this episode of mine, listen to it, and never give it back.  All you have to do is click on the link below and download the mp3:

Post Punk World Tour Part 2 - Spain and Latin America