Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Drums Show - 7/13/09

Generally, my favorite beatzz and drum sounds from the post-punk era. And like just about everything else, my genre of choice features some of the most interesting, unconventional percussion out there. If you like that kind of stuff, than this is the show for you. If not, well then to hell with ya'.



1.) Devo (Alan Myers) - Sloppy - Live: The Mongoloid Years
2.) Joy Division (Stephen Morris) - Colony - Closer
3.) Gang of 4 (Hugo Burnham) - Contract - Entertainment
4.) Fashion (Dik Davis) - Red, Green, and Gold - Product Perfect
5.) The Buzzcocks (John Maher) - Autonomy - Singles Going Steady
6.) The Clash (Topper Headon) - Car Jamming - Combat Rock
7.) Adam and the Ants (Merrick and Terry Lee Miall) - Stand and Deliver - Prince Charming
8.) Killing Joke (Paul Ferguson) - Feast of the Blaze - Fire Dances
9.) Gary Numan (Cedric Sharpley) - Films - The Pleasure Principal
10.) Siouxsie and the Banshees (drum machine) - Lunar Camel - Kaleidoscope
11.) Sparks (David Kendrick) - Eaten by the Monster of Love - Angst in My Pants
12.) The Chameleons (John Lever) - In Shreds - The Fan and the Bellows
13.) Sleater-Kinney (Janet Weiss) - One Beat - One Beat
14.) U2 (Larry Mullen Jr.) - Sunday, Bloody Sunday - War
15.) Modern English (Richard Brown) Life in the Gladhouse - After the Snow
16.) Blondie (Clem Burke) - Dreaming - Eat to the Beat
17.) Missing Persons (Terry Bozzio) - Mental Hopscotch - Single
18.) The Police (Stewart Copeland) - Message in a Bottle - Regatta de Blanc
19.) Bauhaus (Kevin Haskins) - Dark Entries - Single
20.) Bow Wow Wow (Dave Barbossa) - C30, C60, c90 - Single
21.) The Icicle Works (Chris Sharrock) - Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly) - The Icicle Works
22.) Dead Kennedys (Ted) - Californa Uber Alles - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegatables
23.) Public Image Ltd (Martin Atkins) - The Flowers of Romance - The Flowers of Romance
24.) Public Image Ltd (Richard Dudanski) - Socialist - Metal Box
25.) The Cure (Lawrence Tolhurst) - The Figurehead - Pornography
26.) Ministry (drum machine) - Breathe - The Mind is a Terrible Thing To Taste


Jonathon said...

That's cool that you got my boss Martin Atkins in here. He's doing all sorts of other things now (his book Tour:Smart, his school revolution number three, etc...) that sometimes it's easy to lose track of the fact that he started out as (and still is) an excellent drummer...


~Jon (jon@invisisblerecords.com)

Alex said...

Absolutely! I'm a huge fan of Martin's.

Besides the PIL track, I also obviously ended the show with "Breathe" off of Ministry's "The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste." He's listed as a credit on that album and I believe he went on tour with them that year as well. Do you happen to know offhand what his contributions were to the studio tracks?

Thanks for the comment!


Charles said...

Probably just a slipup, but Terry Bozzio was the drummer and Dale, the vocalist/his spouse.

Enjoyable show with some really good selections, but it's disappointing and surprising there was no mention of Yukihiro Takahashi(YMO) or Steve Jansen (Japan).

Charles L.

Alex said...

You are correct, it was just a mental error of name dyslexia there.

And you are also correct that those are certainly two great drummers that I did not feature. I never get to play everyone I want to in the 2 hour show. With a theme like percussion, it was even harder to pare down the list. I never was a big big fan of YMO though. Japan is a different story.