Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Backup Vocals/Overdub Show - 8/17/09

What I would consider to be many fine examples of backup singing or the use of vocal overdub from the post-punk era or at least, post-mid 70s era. And why I consider that to be a BIG DEAL and why hopefully everyone else should too. Then throw in a little personal, romantic woolgathering and that was my show tonight. Here's the link to listen to it. Well not here, below:


And this is what I played. Also below:

1.) Psychedelic Furs - Yes I Do - Forever Now
2.) U2 - Out of Control - Boy
3.) Adam and the Ants - Picasso Visitia El Planeta de los Simios - Prince Charming
4.) Alphaville - To Germany With Love - Forever Young
5.) Soft Cell - Entertain Me - Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret
6.) Siouxsie and the Banshees - Melt! - Kiss in the Dreamhouse
7.) The Sugarcubes - Hit - Stick Around For Joy
8.) The Buzzcocks - Whatever Happened To? - Singles Going Steady
9.) Pixies - Where Is My Mind? - Surfer Rosa
10.) The Futureheads - Le Garage - Decent Days and Nights
11.) Barry Adamson - Je T'aime? Moi Non Plus - The Negro Inside Me
12.) R.E.M. - Harborcoat - Reckoning
13.) Blondie - Denis - Plastic Letters
14.) Talulah Gosh - Don't Go Away - Backwash
15.) Sleater-Kinney - Burn, Don't Freeze - The Hot Rock
16.) Eagle & Talon - Ice Life - Thracian
17.) Third Sex - At Least I Got Some Cool Clothes - Back to Go
18.) Cocteau Twins - Pandora - Treasure
19.) The B-52's - Rock Lobster - The B-52's
20.) The Clash - Spanish Bombs - London Calling
21.) The Rezillos - Destination Venus - Can't Stand the Rezillos
22.) The Misfits - Night of the Living Dead - Walk Among Us
23.) Human Sexual Response - Andy Fell (live) - Recorded off of video
24.) Heaven 17 - Geisha Boys and Temple Girls - Penthouse and Pavement
25.) Psychedelic Furs - Highwire Days - Mirror Moves


Scott said...

Excellent show, I listened to most of if live on the radio stream. I like adding your podcasts to my ipod to listen to later.
By the way, the link to your blog is broken on this page:

Alex said...

Thanks so much, Scott. I'm really glad you liked it.

I did know about the broken link on the PCR site. I've reported it as a problem but it doesn't seem to be easily fixable somehow.

BraziMan said...

Alex: Thanks for the great show(s). I listen to your show every week, and wanted to let you know how much they are enjoyed and appreciated (something I think more often than I say). I hope you continue on with the broadcasts for a long time to come, as the educational comments you provide are as entertaining as the music played. Thanks again Alex!