Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rockin' Post-Punk Show - 11/16/09

While it all falls under rock's nebulous musical umbrella, post-punk music is not know for really "rocking" in any conventional sense. Or is it? No, it isn't but there are more than a few post-punk, punk, new wave, and alternative tracks that I suspect do, in fact, rock. Tonight I played more than a few of those more than a few.



1.) The Cure - I'm Cold - Jumping Someone Else's Train B-side
2.) Killing Joke - The Wait - Killing Joke
3.) Gary Numan and Tubeway Army - Basic J - The Plan
4.) Love & Rockets - Kundalini Express - Express
5.) Psychedelic Furs - Mr. Jones - Talk Talk Talk
6.) The Cult - Sweet Soul Sister - Sonic Temple
7.) The Mission UK - Deliverance - Carved in Sand
8.) Sisters of Mercy - When You Don't See Me - Vision Thing
9.) The Jesus and Mary Chain - Sidewalking - Barbed Wire Kisses
10.) Alien Sex Fiend - Smells Like... - IT
11.) The Jam - Modern World - This is the Modern World
12.) Blondie - Detroit 442 - Plastic Letters
13.) Generation X - King Rocker - Valley of the Dolls
14.) Billy Idol - Rebel Yell - Rebel Yell
15.) R.E.M. - What's the Frequency, Kenneth? - Monster
16.) Pixies - Velouria - Bossanova
17.) Jane's Addiction - Ocean Size - Nothing's Shocking
18.) Depeche Mode - I Feel You - Songs of Faith and Devotion
19.) Joy Division - Failures - Substance
20.) Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust - Swing the Heartache
21.) Peter Murphy - Deep Ocean, Vast Sea - Deep
22.) Andy Partridge - Sonic Boom - Fuzzy Warbles Disc 7
23.) The Smiths - London - Louder Than Bombs
24.) The Ramones - We Want the Airwaves - Pleasant Dreams


25.) Christian Death - Deathwish - Only Theater of Pain
26.) The Superheroines - Chasing Bars - The Whip
27.) Joan Jett & the Blackhearts - Bad Reputation - Bad Reputation


Scott said...

I think you have my favorite pirate cat radio show, other favorites are Mr. Odom's Bottomless Pit and the Orphanage. I listen mostly on podcasts.

Alex said...

Thanks a bunch, Scott. I really appreciate the comment and your general fandom for our station.

sanyeti said...

Heard your show on "metal box" and you guys said you couldnt figure out what chant said. It says "love, war, give, take" and switches a word out here and there

sanyeti said...
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sanyeti said...

Also says "love, war, give, hate," one or two lines its a heavy english accent so the confusion is very warranted. favorite show on pcr!

Alex said...

Thanks Sanyeti. For the info and for your kind words!