Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Guilty Pleasures - 10/1/13

The name says it all.  Tonight's show featured songs that feel somewhat within the confines of our beloved post punk/new wave sound but far outside of the confines of what we might be consider cool.  And I don't been "cool" in an ironic cool way, as evidenced by the air quotes.  But then again I wonder if by acknowledging that very thing, I am in fact being ironic by claiming that I do not appreciate any of this music ironically.  Truth be told, it is all pretty lame.  But yet still good.  Just ike the song says, "It's Hip to be Square" except that song really is lame.  But not lame in a lame-but-good kind of way like these other songs are, nor is it, I believe, ironic-lame-but-good at this point.  However, check back with me in a few minutes because this is all very subject to change.

Nonetheless, I maintain that all 20-something songs I played tonight were pretty embarrassing for me to  like let along play on a radio show.  To find out just how many skeletons are buried in my closet, follow the link bellow:

Guilty Pleasures

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