Friday, January 16, 2015

New Year, New Zealand - 1/16/15

What better country to ring in the new year with than New Zealand? New Guinea? New Mexico? Those aren't even countries! Well, maybe New Guinea is but it doesn't really matter. What matters is that New Zealand's post punk contributions are underrated at best. It's pretty damn far away and before the internet and Lord of the Rings, most people didn't have any idea what was going on down there. Oddly enough, in the 80s, it seems like the vast majority of kiwi bands had a post punk/alternative kind of sound and there's something to be said for that.

There's something to played for that too and I hope it is this podcast episode. Click on the link below to download it:

New Zealand Post Punk and Beyond

(PS. Apologies to the good people of Dunedin for mispronouncing your fair city's name countless times but you're also welcome for coming up with that awesome, better pronunciation.)


1.) I See Red - Split Enz
2.) Tally Ho - The Clean
3.) Ambivalence - The Pin Group
4.) Crisis After Crisis - The Verlaines
5.) Rolling Moon - The Chills
6.) Stars in My Eyes - The Screaming Meemees
7.) Riot Squad - The NewMatics
8.) You're Gonna Get Done - The Primmers
9.) Saturday Night Stay-At-Home - Suburban Reptiles
10.) Feels So Good - The Spelling Mistakes
11.) She's A Mod - The Terrorways
12.) If Only I Could Die - The Desperate Tricycles
13.) Computer Games - Mi-Sex
14.) Walking In Light - Th' Dudes
15.) Virginia - The Pink Flamingos
16.) Calm Before the Storm - The Bats
17.) Your Invisible Life - Bailterspace
18.) Outer Space - The 3Ds
19.) She Speeds - Straitjacket Fits
20.) Ride A White Swan - The Tall Dwarfs
21.) 40 Years - The Phoenix Foundation
22.) You're Just As Confused As I Am - The Mint Chicks
23.) Expectations - Cut Off Your Hands
24.) I Walk Away - Crowded House
***BONUS***25.) Auckland Tonight - Androidss

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