Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Post Punk Road Trip (Part 1: Daytime) - 5/18/13

Since it's summer or almost summer, at least in the northern hemisphere of Earth, I thought I would put together a show based on the idea of a road trip with some of the best songs ever made for such an occasion. It became immediately clear to me though that there really are two types of road trips.  One that takes place during the light of day and one that takes place during the non-light of night.

So this first show is dedicated to the daytime portion of your road trip.  It's also the longest show I've ever done but given the fact that a road trip is generally something that takes a while anyway, I figured it was a propos.  Or perhaps even chocolate mousse.  I don't actually speak French but I do know that there are also a lot of post-punk/new wave/alternative songs that really lend themselves to driving so there's another reason why the show went long.  In fact, I didn't even get everything in I wanted to.  Driving and music is just such a perfect marriage.  I'm sure they will remain together for a long time so I may revisit this down the road, no pun intended (but that's only because I didn't realize it was a pun at first - if I had, it would have been intended).

Anyway, the link to download the show is below.  It's almost like taking a very brief road trip through the information super-highway!

The Post Punk Road Trip (Part 1: Daytime)

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