Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Post Punk Road Trip (Part 2: The Night) - 5/25/13

Like I said last week, there are really two types of road trips.  Or maybe I should have said that there are two distinct parts to a road trip.  At the very least, there are two distinct road trip episodes of Post Punk For Post Punks.  Last week's show was meant to cover the portion that takes place during the day and this week's was meant for night time.

What is the difference between daytime road trip songs and night time road trip songs?  I know many scholars have struggled with this question for years and I believe I finally have the answer.  To find out what that answers is, click on the link below to download the show and then listen to that show and then laugh at the next scholar you see.

But be warned, I really did try to approach these with the idea of actually accompanying a real road trip in mind, so this show is another long one.  But if you're really out there on the road at night, what else are you going to do?  Drink alcohol?  Send text messages?  Transport certain fruits across state lines?  Forget it, those things are all illegal.  You're stuck having to listen to me.  Hopefully it's a good kind of stuck though, like that Huey Lewis & the News song, "Stuck on You", although not like the actual sound of the song.  And don't worry, I didn't play that song or anything else by HL&TN either.  To find out what else I didn't play, click on the link below!

Road Trip 2 - The Night Drive

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