Saturday, June 1, 2013

Before They Were Stars - 6/1/13

What do bands like Flip City, Vice Versa, Composition of Sound, Big in Japan, A Shallow Madness, Special Affect, Willow the Wisp, Graduate, and Catch all have in common?  They all featured some very well-known post punk and new wave artists before they were well-known.  That's what this show was all about.  I played stuff by these bands as well as just very early tracks from many of the post punk elite.

It's like one of those Before They Were Stars shows or magazine spreads except instead of embarrassing photos, it's good music, albeit sometimes a little on the raw side.

As always, download the show by clicking on the link below.  I suppose I don't need to tell you that anymore but then again, people still say "Leave your name and number after the beep" on their voice mail messages so maybe I've got some more time here.

Before They Were Stars

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