Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mute Records - 6/29/13

Mute Records, the 4th indie label I've featured on this podcast in a row and of the true greats.  For post punk and especially for electronic music in general. Not only did Mute release some really wonderful stuff but they seemed dedicated to doing something actually new.  To push the creative envelope of what music could be.

Like many of these great indie labels, that logo is so visceral.  Growing up, I remember looking through all my albums and just seeing logos like Mute and IRS and Stiff and Beggars Banquet and 4AD, not having any idea at the time who they were and who exactly was behind them but knowing they were something which stood for my musical interests.  That I could trust anything with that symbol on it.  In a time before the internet and before I even had friends with similar tastes or understood much about music myself, that was a pretty big deal.  Maybe in some ways an even bigger deal now, since it also represents an era gone by forever.  I am so glad to have lived in that era and been some part of all of this as a fan.  Hey, I guess that's why I do this podcast!

And speaking of which, click on the link below to listen to the very latest episode, once again dedicated to Mute Records.

Mute Records

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