Saturday, June 8, 2013

415 Records - 6/8/13

Tonight I kicked off a little theme within themes on Post Punk For Post Punks, featuring some of the great independent labels of the genre.  Labels who would changed the face of music and culture and they did it solely because they believed in something new and different and just had to share it with their fellow man.  There is no way that punk, post punk, new wave, and alternative music would have reached the people and grown the way they did without labels like this and I want to celebrate them on my show.

I begin this journey close to home, with my own local heroes, 415 Records.  Not only were they based out of San Francisco but they were generally committed to supporting Bay Area bands and pretty much singlehandedly put our fair region on the underground map.  Besides some of the more well-known groups like Romeo Void, Wire Train, and Translator, there are plenty of lost treasures to be found here as well, like the Units, the Offs, SVT, and more.  To find out more about "more" and to enjoy some of the fine work those people I just mentioned did, you have only to click on the link below and download this episode:

415 Records

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Hey Alex,
Great to have you back doing the show. Thanks for all of your hard work!