Saturday, June 22, 2013

Beggars Banquet Records - 6/22/13

While the Lurkers were the first band Beggars Banquet ever signed, this small, indie label was built on post punk and would go on to become one of the largest, conglomerate group of independents whose artists would change the world several times over.

My show tonight was dedicated to Beggars Banquet, who dedicated themselves to bringing us some of the greatest, most classic post punk music around.  No other indie had quite as many of the heavy hitters and what's equally impressive is how they were able to transition to the alternative sound and continue to thrive in the 90s and whatever we call these last couple decades we live in now.

To both appreciate their contribution and enjoy some great music, I would highly suggest clicking on that link below and downloading this episode.  Oh yeah, and make sure to listen to it too.

Beggars Banquet Records

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